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                        Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University

                               Post-doctor Wanted in 2018




                        中心現有俄羅斯自然科學院外籍院士1名,二級教授5名,國家973計劃首席科學家2名,國家杰出青年科學基金獲得者3名,國務院政府特殊津貼專家14名,南粵百杰1名,中山大學百人計劃引進人才20余名。獲國家科技進步二等獎6,國家973計劃首席課題2項。以第一作者單位在Nature、Science、NEJM、JAMA等世界頂級學術期刊上發表白內障、角膜病、近視眼等長期困擾人類健康疾病方面的創新性研究成果(均為國內眼科界首篇發表),創新性成果被《自然醫學》雜志(Nature Medicine)評為2016年生命科學八大突破性進展之一。珠江新城院區眼科學國家重點實驗室大樓是目前世界上最大的眼科學實驗室。

                        As a subsidiary unit of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University have ranked first for seven consecutive years in the Renowned Ophthalmology of Specialized Department List for Chinese Hospitals and won the first prize in the first Hospital Influence of Science and Technology. Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, also the permanent headquarter of APAO, is the only State Key Laboratory for Ophthalmology in China. Ophthalmic Hospital from Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center is the first 3A-Class ophthalmic hospital in China and is regarded as the “the most popular ophthalmic hospital in China” for seven years in a row in 39 Healthcare List.

                        Besides one foreign member of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences and five National Second-class professors, the center has also attracted two Principal Investigators from National 973 Program, one chair professor from Chang Jiang Scholar Program, three winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 14 experts who enjoy special government allowances of the State Council. Moreover, we have employed one scholar awarded by 100 Talents of Guangdong Province and 20 scholars from 100 Talents of Sun Yat-sen University. With the efforts of the whole center, we have won six National Science & Technology Progress Award (second class) and two Principal Tasks of National 973 Program. And our international team of leading scholars have published articles(all are the first in their kinds) on top journals around the world, including NatureScienceNEJM, and JAMA. And the subjects are all innovative research results, varying from cataract, to keratometry, and to myopia which are long-bothering diseases to human beings. The innovative fruits have been recognized as one of the eight life sciences breakthroughs in 2016 by Nature Medicine. The new-built Zhujiang New Town National Key Laboratory is the world’s largest ophthalmology laboratory by now.








                              To satisfy the need of scientific research, we want to recruit several post doctors:

                        1. Qualifications

                        1) PhD in top universities at home or broad; healthy mental and physical conditions; younger than 35 years old

                        2) Less than 3 years after graduation; full time postdoctoral research

                        3) Research plans should be related to the scientific research projects or fields of study of supervisor.

                        4) Papers published in SCI journals (as first author), impact factor > 1.0




                        2. Working Responsibilities

                        Under the guidance of supervisors, post doctors have to independently conduct researches related to the study direction of their research team. More details will be shown in the chart at the bottom.  




                         1. 稅前年薪30

                        2. 五險一金齊全

                        3. 在站期間主持國家級基金、考核優秀均有高額獎勵。

                        4.為吸引知名高校優秀博士畢業生來中心從事博士后研究工作,對于在US news、QS、TIMES等世界大學排行榜排名前100的國外高校獲得博士學位的優秀畢業生另提供津貼10萬元/年,上述大學排行榜排名前150的大陸高校優秀博士畢業生另提供津貼5-10萬元/年。

                        3. Salary and Preferential Policies

                        1) 300,000 yuan per year(regular pay before tax);

                        2) Insurance and Housing Fund( including endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds).

                        3) During the term of employment at the center, post doctors achieve national fund or get excellent assessment will be rewarded.

                        4) To attract fresh PhD graduates from renowned universities, the center will provide another 100, 000 yuan allowance per year for graduates from foreign universities which rank top 100(on the US news, QS, TIMES-providing university rankings); or another50, 000-100,000 yuan allowance per year for graduates from top 150 universities(on the US news, QS, TIMES-providing university rankings) in China, mainland. 






                        4. Contact

                        Please send your CV( attach personal statement, research experience, and the field of research in the future) to Human Resources Department(E-mail: humanresource@gzzoc.com),  and the format of the subject should be: apply for post doctor+name of supervisor+your name+institutions you graduate from). We will check your CV and invite you to our interview if you satisfy our requirements. We sincerely welcome all potential employees. 

                        Contact person: Wu and Fan

                        Tel: 020-66618946  



                        Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University  

                                            Nov 1st, 2018 

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